quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011

good and bad people

good and bad people

good people

merry souls

family lunch

union fever

meal on the table

people resting

bad people

spirit of pork

open sewer

dead end

private meeting

People speaking ill of the day

lights are good people

clearing the way

brightness of the sun illuminating the land

  holding hands

people sharing the bread.

Bad people are blood sugas

waste recycled

moldy bread

bad people do not cry

blasphemy and say

give off good laughs



are sad

pray a novena

follow a procession

good people and bad people are equal

different in everything and nothing

Bad people need the good people

and good people need to be good

to live alongside the poor in the unequal world

sharing the same rain and the same salt

so do not share the love.

For love is within the good people and bad people

But only the good people has the courage to share it.

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